Da Vinci's Innovations in Art Descriptive Essay

Da Vinci's Innovations in Art
A look at the innovative artistic techniques of Leonardo Da Vinci
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Published on Oct 22, 2011 in Art (History) , History (European) , Art (Painting)

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This paper gives an in-depth presentation of Leonardo Da Vinci's artistic achievements, focusing primarily on his innovative techniques with perspective. The paper details the methods Leonardo used to create the illusion of perspective in his renaissance paintings. Various works are cited that show how he used perspective. The paper concludes by stating that Leanardo Da Vinci's use of perspective is an innovation that changed how paintings were created from his time onwards.

From the Paper:

"Leonardo Da Vinci essentially revolutionized the art of painting with his atmospheric perspective. There are multiple effects employed in order for this perspective to be so successful. As objects recede, their size diminishes. Also, layers are applied; elements are stacked on top of one another, to show which ones are in front, in mid-painting, or in the background. Characteristics of the visual atmosphere, such as dust and moisture, thicken the mass of the air. As objects move further away, light particles are scattered and have a lightening effect. Appearance of far away objects start to blue within the background, lessening details (Conley). The detail diminishes as well; the detail and clarity disappear and luxuriant textures become bare and plain simplistic forms. The contrasts and colors between the object and background fades and objects get light and color; they are not as dark and bold."

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