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Coral Reefs
This paper investigates coral reefs and the environmental danger to them.
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This paper describes different types of coral reefs from the Australia's Great Barrier Reef to the small, isolated coral heads sprouting out of sandy or grassy sea bottoms called patch reefs. The paper relates that the loss of coral reefs represents a serious threat to essential bio-diversity. The paper also discusses the many threats to the coral, which are killing them, and the national and international initiatives to save these reefs. I

Table of Contents:
What Is Coral
Biological Importance
Economic Benefits of the Coral Reefs
Threats to the Coral Reefs
National Initiatives
International Initiatives

From the Paper:

"The term coral is used to refer both to the animal itself and to the cement-like substance it manufactures in its body to build a reef. The animal was long thought to be a plant. In 1726, a French naturalist named Jean Andre Peysonne found that these 'plants' were actually animals belonging to the phylum of coelenterates. Coral is a very simple organism. It has a tiny, transparent, gelatinous body enclosed in a tube with an opening at one end, and around this opening--which functions both as a mouth and as a passage to excrete wastes--is a ring of tiny tentacles ,which gather in the animal's food."

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