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Computer Crime
An analysis of computer-related crime as it relates to white collar crime.
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Published on Oct 01, 2009 in Computer and Technology (General) , Criminology (General)

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This paper discusses how computer-related crime can be categorized in many different ways and how, in simple terms, crimes against persons receive more concern from society and law enforcement than other crimes such as monetary crimes or crimes against property. The paper looks at how local law enforcement does not have the expertise or training in this area and how therefore, the federal criminal justice agencies take lead roles. Law enforcement is struggling to provide enough resources to investigate crime where computers are involved and must prioritize its resources. Various categories of computer crimes are listed along with a brief description of each.

The Computer as the Target
The Computer as an Agent
Crimes Associated with the Prevalence of Computers
Networking Malfeasance

From the Paper:

"Frauds from computer transactions, credit card fraud, and telecommunications fraud are examples where the computer is used as an agent. These are complex investigations that require commercial crime investigators, as well as, tech-crime investigators. Losses from these crimes are usually monetary, therefore, public demand of resources is less likely than computer crimes involving violence. Local law enforcement would not be capable of such investigations and national law enforcement would likely only investigate high-profile cases. Headlines of articles are found throughout the Internet that indicate resources are prevalently directed towards high monetary cases. An example of this is, "Woman Convicted of Embezzling More Than $910,000 In Computer Fraud Scheme" (United States Department of Justice, 2003). "

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