Charles Darwin Descriptive Essay by Merc

Charles Darwin
A discussion of Charles Darwin's life, works, and theory of evolution.
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This paper gives a biography of the life and work of Charles Robert Darwin. The writer discusses his controversial theory of evolution, and explains that although many atheists use his theories to debate the existence of God, Darwin was not an atheist; in fact, for most of his life he was a churchgoing man, active in his parish. In later years Darwin declared himself agnostic but never an atheist. The paper relates that the subject of religion was a big topic of discussion in his household as his wife was a devout Christian and his children were raised to be as well. The paper also looks at how Darwin's theories were the subject of intense and heated debate throughout his lifetime and remain so to this day.

From the Paper:

"Darwin's family was considered to be nonconformist Unitarian but his grandfather and father were freethinkers and sent Darwin to schools, which were part of the Church of England. In Cambridge he became an Anglican clergyman. Although he was an evolutionist in theory he believed in the bible and looked for explanations in laws of nature rather than miracles and saw adaptations of species as evidence of design. He remained orthodox and would quote the bible as his authority on morality. He questioned why all religions were not equally valid and was critical of the bible as history and gave much thought to religion, which was the source of many discussions with his wife. Natural selection produced the good of adaptation but removed the need for design; he viewed organisms as perfectly adapted. In On the Origin of Species he reflects on theology and describes God as the ultimate lawgiver."

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