A Look at Homosexuality Descriptive Essay by Nicky

A Look at Homosexuality
This paper discusses the tolerance or intolerance of homosexuality in human societies.
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Published on Aug 21, 2011 in Gender and Sexuality (Homosexuality)

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This paper is a discussion of homosexuality and societies that accepted or rejected it. It is largely a historical essay that looks at various references and influences for intolerance. It concludes with the changes that have occurred in modern society and the evolution of civil rights for homosexuals.

From the Paper:

"Pickett (2006) suggests that intolerance of homosexuality should be viewed within a more global anti-sex attitude that prevailed during early Christianity. In other words, early Church fathers were not condemning homosexuality per se, but rather, all forms of non-procreative sex. Regardless of the moral reasoning of early Christian theorists, homosexuality has been pushed underground and turned into pathology. Until relatively recently, homosexuality was classified as a mental illness. Most cultures have social taboos against homosexuality, which in some cases becomes translated into institutional discrimination or violence. The most commonly cited reason against gay marriage in the United States is religion. However, the social sciences and the medical sciences have both attempted at some point to pathologize homosexuality. Pathologizing homosexuality is akin to pathologizing masturbation or any other natural form of human sexual expression."

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