The Third Sex Joins the Army Creative Essay by scribbler

The Third Sex Joins the Army
Tells the author's personal story as related to the army's "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to members of the third sex.
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The paper begins by describing the author awaking to the smell of pancakes, which was his first hint that something wasn't as usual, then suddenly remembering that he had just joined the Army and this was Day One of the twelve-week boot camp. However, the paper indicates that his story is different, even though wanting to serve his country in uniform and to be a soldier even as a young tyke, because the author is gay or as the army states of the third sex. Using this story as a platform to discuss the status of the federal judge's ruling against the army's "don't ask, don't tell" policy even with the failure of the Congress to repeal the policy, the paper concludes that the author can still be positive knowing that these "baby steps" will pave the way for people like him to stop being seen as pariahs in the military organization.

From the Paper:

"Since the powers that be have decided for now to continue with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, I simply will stay the quiet on the issue and keep my sexual preference to myself despite the difficulties in not being able to express who I truly am. If only the learned men and women of government and military would look at the experiences of other nations who had no problems whatsoever with gays and lesbians in the military, then they would notice that the issue became one because they made it so. In Israel where there is conscription, they never had any problems with members of the same sex and this group performed as well as the straight men and women members. I have a friend who knew someone in the Canadian Armed Forces and my friend was told that way back in the early 1990s, the Canadian government and military establishment released a directive to all military personnel that gays and lesbians "are part of the military" and will be accepted as such. Canada's example was clear, simple and direct to the point because this country simply ordered everyone to accept the fact that homosexuals are part of society."

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