Letter from a Japanese Internment Camp Creative Essay

Letter from a Japanese Internment Camp
A fictional letter from a father to the son he lost in a Japanese Internment camp.
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In this essay, a father writes a letter to his son who died while they were in a Japanese Internment camp during World War II. Although this is a fictional account, the emotions and events depicted are vivid and based on truth. This story touches on events such as Roosevelt's order to inter Japanese citizens during the war, as well as describing the lives Japanese-Americans had made for themselves on the West Coast following their immigration to the US. The narrator also discusses the reparations the US government offered to pay Japanese-Americans following the war, questioning whether the money was worth the loss of his only son.

From the Paper:

"I was so wrapped up in my own feelings that I barely realized that you were coming down with an awful cold. The cold must have lasted for weeks before I even realized that you were under the weather. Please don't get the idea that I did not care about you. I cared about you deeply but I didn't understand how badly the camp was ruining my perception of the world around me. The look in your face was becoming pale everyday yet I did nothing to help you. I was stuck in my own fear of what would happen if I would actually go and face reality. Writing this letter to you today has made me open up the wounds that will allow me to deal with the scars that were created such a long time ago."

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