Environmental Science Creative Story Creative Essay by Zac

Environmental Science Creative Story
A description of a pristine environment before and during the building of a nuclear power plant, written from the point of view of the squirrels who lived there.
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This paper creatively describes the horrendous effects that the erecting of a nuclear power plant has on the environment. The author first paints a picture of an environment's pristine condition as it is experienced in the everyday life of the animals who live there, before construction is commenced . The author calls the place "Chernobyl," but the description as well as the date, 2010, and the indigenous wildlife in the story, clearly indicate Alaska as the setting. The author then describes how Sammy the squirrel and his family and friends experience the destruction of their peaceful environment as trees are cut down and toxic waste is dumped in the river.

From the Paper:

"One fall day while Sammy and his friends were out collecting nuts, right before the "Oracle Owl" predicted the first snow storm of the winter was going to fall, the ground shook like what Sammy and his friends thought was an earth quake. Rocks were rolling all down the meadow, trees were falling; Sammy was terrified and did not know what to do. He dropped all of his nuts and sprinted back to his family's tree. His friends were right behind him and as they were sprinted home, they were dodging falling branches left and right. Other animals were sprinting by them all confused such as deer, rabbits; birds were conducting ear-shattering chirps as they all flew overhead blocking out the sky."

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