Being a Christian in a Roman World Creative Essay

Being a Christian in a Roman World
A look at what it was like to be a Christian living in Rome during the period of the Roman Empire.
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This paper looks at how difficult it was for the Romans to accept the Christian religion and how they gradually tried to suppress it and how Christianity was still able to spread throughout the world. It includes specific historical dates, events, places and people such as Alexander the Great, the Jewish states, persecutions during Jesus' ministry, Herod the Great and Pontius Pilate, and Nero, the emperor of Rome trying to rid the empire of Christianity. The paper concludes by talking about Constantine and how he proclaimed the Edict Toleration.

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"The Christian religion was hard for the Romans to accept at first. A historical person had conquered death and promised a blessed afterlife to all who believed in him. The new faith demanded that every believer practice love and justice in new communities made up of Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female, rich and poor, educated and ignorant. Christians had no temples or other holy places, no priests, no ordinary sacrifices, no oracles, or any visible gods. They had no initiations; they made no pilgrimages, did not practice divination, would not venerate the emperor, and challenged the final authority of the father (or oldest male) in family life. Christians were accused of being atheists who undermined traditional society."

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