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There are many different types of essays that you may be required to write while in college.  The creative essay is one type of essay that is frequently assigned in literature courses. A creative essay is usually a short and concise paper that doesn't aspire to prove a certain argument or convey information, but rather serves to tell a story, reveal an interesting anecdote about an issue, or express thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  The  creative essay should be structured in a manner that includes an introduction; a body, which consists of topic statements supported by anecdotal information; and a conclusion, which sums up the main topics or statements made in the work.  For more tips on writing a creative essay, read on.

Creative Writing Tips

  • Practice writing - practice writing sentences and explore different ways to express yourself.  The subject doesn't matter; just get your thoughts down on paper and try to write in an engaging, clear, and thought-provoking manner.
  • Determine your most creative and focused time of day and write at that time.  And write on a daily basis.  In the same vein, determine the place that you find to be the most conducive to writing.  If you don't have such a place, create one and bring your own writing materials to that place when you write.  The time and place that you write should be comfortable and free of distractions so that your creative juices can flow.
  • Read all the time and every type of reading material.  The more you read, the more you are exposed to different writing styles as well as information that can keep you informed and possibly be useful for creative essay writing.
  • Keep a notebook or a daily log of your ideas, thoughts, experiences, observations, images, interpretations and more.  Include in the log stories you heard from other people that you found interesting and special phrases that are interesting or expressive or meaningful.  Much of what you record in your notebook can be used and incorporated into your essay writing or used to inspire your creative essay.

Creative Writing Techniques

  • Create a strong plot - no matter how fully the characters in your creative essay are developed or how descriptive the scenes, without a strong plot, your creative essay will not appeal to your reader.  Conversely, without strong and believable character development, a strong plot will cease to be interesting if your readers can't get a grasp of the personalities of the main characters.
  • If you're having trouble getting started with your creative writing essay, take advantage of writing prompts, which are sentences or paragraphs that can inspire you to write.  Writing prompts are available on many creative writing websites.
  • For ideas about creative essay topics, browse the creative writing samples available on  different online term papers sites.  The papers you find on these sites are a great resource for providing topic ideas.
  • If you continue to have trouble with your essay writing, buy a creative writing essay online.  When you buy a creative essay online, you gain access to an example of how to write a creative essay.  You can use the example as a model for your own creative writing essay.

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