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Women in Ancient Greece
This paper compares the life of an Athenian woman with one living in Sparta.
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Published on Jan 13, 2009 in History (Greek and Roman) , Women Studies (Women and Society)

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This paper compares the way the Athenian woman and the Spartan woman developed through a review of the the relations between the Athens and Sparta and their characteristics. Specifically, the paper compares the military capacities of both states, the framework of both societies, the status of women in both societies, and the family environment in both socieites. The paper concludes that the role of women in Athens and Sparta was different from all perspectives and it reflects the way in which the two societies differed as well.

From the Paper:

"The Ancient Greek civilization is considered to have been one of the most flourishing sources of inspiration of the European civilization. The history of the region however was greatly influenced by the way in which all the levels of the society managed to intermingle and to contribute to the emergence of states as single political, social, and economic entities. Due to this interconnectivity between the various aspects of life, the developments of the different aspects of the society are as well closely related to the political and economic specificities of the area and of the state. One of the most relevant examples in this sense is the status of women. Therefore, comparing the Athenian and the Spartan women, it can be said that their position and their place in the society as well as inside the family were clearly determined by the way in which the society as a whole developed especially during the confrontation period between the two powers in the Greek region."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Ancient Greek Civilization. (n.d.) Spartan women. Accessed 23 April 2008, from http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/prehistory/aegean/culture/womenofsparta.htmlThe source represents a good point for information related to the precise situation of the Spartan and Athenian women. Despite the fact that the information presented is relatively succinct, it is useful enough for creating a general idea on the subject
  • Ancient Greek Civilization. (n.d.) The Woman of Athens. Accessed 23 April 2008, from http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/prehistory/aegean/culture/womenofathens.htmlThe source is part of a wide project which deals with particular aspects of the Greek civilization, among which the role of women in Athens. It provides useful information on the way in which they were treated in the society with helpful information related to current standards related to the issues presented.
  • Berstein, S., and Milza, P. (1994) Histoire de l'Europe. Paris: Hatier.The authors are well known historians which deal with the history of the European continent from different points of view and at different levels of analysis. They discuss the political development of the major regions, the social, as well as the cultural issues throughout history. It is useful because they manage to underline the major issue facing ancient European premises.
  • Braunstein, F, and Pepin, J. F. (1998) Les Grandes Doctrines. Paris: Ellipses.The authors present the most important aspects of the political, economic, and philosophical theory which evolved throughout the centuries with Europe as their main focus. This approach is important because the theoretical aspects are presented in their historical backogrund, an element which offers a more comprehensive understanding of the matters at hand.
  • Nosotro, R. (2007) Athens and Sparta. Comparative essays. Accessed 23 April 2008, from http://www.hyperhistory.net/apwh/essays/comp/cw4athensspartap2dz.htmThe essay represents an important starting point for further research in relation to the subject of the history between the two Greek states. It is rather succinct and it offers precisely the necessary information ofr conducting further research.

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