Wildlife Management vs. Ecological Restoration Comparison Essay

Wildlife Management vs. Ecological Restoration
This paper explains how wildlife management and ecological restoration are thought to be the same concept, but their objectives and goals are often very different.
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This paper uses the San Marcos Springs ecosystem and its endangered species as an example of how wildlife management and ecological restoration may seem to compliment each other but, actually they are seeking out different goals. It explains that in order to preserve the endangered native species, all of current species located in the ecosystem must be considered.

From the Paper:

"Wildlife conservation and management have been called the art and science of managing wildlife species, habitats, and ecosystems for long-term human benefit. The first system of wildlife conservation was an Eastern rather than a Western idea, developed by the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire (Smith 1976). Although the art of managing wildlife is centuries old, the science is relatively new and is becoming increasingly important all the time. However, science is only part of how we view and manage our wildlife resources. Social, cultural, political, and legal constraints and issues often have more to do with how wildlife resources are managed than pure science. Understanding these constraints and issues is fundamental to conservation and management. J. B. Kauffman (1997) stated that a successful ?conservation programme cannot be based on a preoccupation with saving the animal itself. Its total environment must be preserved.? This type of forward thinking helped change the idea of single species conservation and gave rise to the concept of restoration ecology."

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