Who is the Real Hero? Comparison Essay by nms209

Who is the Real Hero?
This paper discusses how James Bond is different from the traditional American hero.
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Published on May 05, 2008 in Sociology (General) , Film (General) , Communication (General)

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In this article, the writer discusses that Bond is quite different in certain aspects of being a hero such as secret identity, social life, moral values and general applicability from other heroes. The writer notes that American heroes are all similar in character, but the hero character, James Bond, works to conflict with these classical criteria. What connects him to the title hero just as Superman, Batman and Spiderman is his ability and drive to protect innocent people from evil. What sets him apart is his means of getting the job done. The writer maintains that Bond's significance is to show the realistic interpretation of the traditional American hero in our world today. Each hero achieves the same goal in saving innocent lives, Bond just embodies the grown up and realistic way of getting it done.

From the Paper:

"No matter how many women he has, there is no attachment between James and his ladies. His relationship with them is strictly sexual. This goes back to the secret identity issue mentioned before in terms of the love life. Since James does not have any type of emotional attachment to his mistresses, he has no reason to create a secret identity in order to protect them from his enemies. The other characters largely care about the women in their lives, thus using a secret identity to keep them safe. Not having the problem of worrying about his lovers, Bond is able to use his real name. This idea of moral involvement is another aspect in which Bond contradicts the traditional American hero myth.
"In each of the three American hero stories, the character has something in their past that makes them who they are. This leads to a moral obligation felt by the hero to protect those who can't protect themselves."

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