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Urban Pollution in Beijing and Toronto
This paper compares the urban pollution problems of Toronto and Beijing by evaluating the consequences of different environmental forms and how each city is addressing this pollution.
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This paper explains that Beijing is very much a heavy industrial city dominated by fuel and material processing facilities with a high population density although signs of western-style suburbanization are appearing. The author points out that Toronto, which is cleaner and less dependent upon massive industrial works, is well-known for carefully weighing the implications of various urban design proposals upon local communities and has a less dense population; however, this city has the problem of more local vehicles causing far too much greenhouse emission. The paper stresses that China is not doing its part to combat global warming. The paper concludes that Beijing's infrastructure pales alongside Toronto's because its mass as a global "mega-city" makes it difficult for city planners to construct a city capable of comfortably accommodating its population.

From the Paper:

"At this juncture, it is appropriate to look more closely at Toronto in terms of its urban build form and in terms of commonplace life-style activities in the city that have some environmental impact. Unsurprisingly, the habitation density in the outer part of the city is much lesser than it is within the interior. The buildings are more widely-spaced and more diminutive in height; there are also many plazas and these plazas tend to have small retail stores within their embrace that accommodate almost all of the needs of a local inhabitant. Finally, there is plenty of "green space" in this area."

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