Tomb Construction Methods in Ancient Egypt Comparison Essay by mdcrews

Tomb Construction Methods in Ancient Egypt
A look at the tomb construction methods of the old, middle and new kingdoms of Egypt.
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This paper discusses the way that tomb construction developed and changed in Egypt. The paper looks at three periods - The Old Kingdom (c2780-2260 BC); Middle Kingdom (c1997 –1650 BC) and New Kingdom (1552-1069 BC) - in order to compare the methods.

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"Because of the incredible power and authority of the king at this time, his tomb was designed to exemplify his grandeur as well as serve as the final resting-place for his body and earthly possessions. In addition, the tomb complex was also the focal point of the king's cult for ritual prayer and for worship. Unfortunately, the roles of the king's tomb proved to nullify each other; the builders tried to "hide" the king's body and possessions while at the same time allowing the public in to worship him at the same time. As a result, the whereabouts of the king's treasure were common knowledge and over time each of these tombs was stripped of everything of value, not excluding the king's corpse itself? "

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