The World's Great Religions Comparison Essay by Nicky

A look at the world's major religions told from a Christian perspective.
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This paper presents an overview of the world's major religions in order to educate Christians to live in harmony with those of other faiths. Each religion is described in separate paragraphs, which includes information about the founder and major texts of the faith. Additionally, it highlights the outlooks and beliefs of the religion. These include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism among others. Additionally, the paper touches on conflicts that have existed between the various faiths. The paper concludes by comparing some of the religions to Christian teachings.

From the Paper:

"The religion of Christianity is one of the greatest modern religions. It stems from the inspiring story of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice which gave humans the teachings and scriptures needed to live a good life and find peace with the one true God. Jesus, who was born Jewish, was the son of God himself, born to the Virgin Mary. He grew up and began wondering through the Holy Land teaching his philosophies to those who would listen (Tuttle 75). As he went through the land teaching, he also practiced miracles which helped gain a reputation among the people. Eventually, people began to follow him and adopt his principles as their own. However, his presence was not welcomed by the Jewish and Roman rulers of the region. Eventually, Judas, one of his disciples, betrayed him and handed him over to the ruling Roman empire that put him on the cross. Rather than running or fighting his captors, he accepted his fate for the good of mankind and died for our sins (Tuttle 113). Jesus eventually amassed many disciples, who later wrote the scripture of his teachings into the text now known as the New Testament of the Bible."

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