The Roman Empire vs The Chinese Empire Comparison Essay by Annette

The Roman Empire vs The Chinese Empire
This paper examines the similarities and differences between the Roman Empire and the Chinese Empire.
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This paper is a detailed comparison of the Roman Empire and the Chinese Empire. The author shows how the imperial dynasties of Han and Qin along with the classical empire of Rome offered their people a combination of protection against external enemies and an infrastructure that was far more functional than individual cities or regions would have been able to provide for themselves. This paper describes the reign of all three of these dynasties and their effect on their people as well as world history.

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"While it is difficult to make any general statement that can cover the political and cultural complexities of the Roman Empire along with the Han and Qin dynasties in China because they were sufficiently different from each other as well as being possessed of substantial internal diversity. And yet, even given the range of institutions and ideals that the three cultures exemplified, there are some commonalties that strike the observer from the vantage point of the 21st century. The primary one of these is that neither the Chinese empire nor the Roman one could have extended its reach as far as it did in geographic terms, had as great a control over its subjects' personal lives as it did, nor ruled for such a long period of time had not the ruling house combined a high degree of bureaucratic efficiency with a depiction of the imperial family that was at least semi-divine."

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