The Role of Women in the American Civil War Comparison Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The Role of Women in the American Civil War
Compares the ability of women from the North to complement the efforts of their men during the American Civil War to the ability of the women from the South.
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This exploratory paper explains that the ways in which women organized themselves for the American Civil War efforts were symbolic of the larger issues of how the two sides made use of their strengths. The North was fired by the zeal of liberation and wasted no effort in pulling its women together in the war effort by fully exploiting their strengths as presented in this paper. However, the author concludes that, hamstrung by psychological, sociological and physical factors, the war efforts of women from the South never really were able to be sustained and, in the end, become victim to a variety of factors, some self-created and some created by nature.

Table of Contents:
Introduction to Thesis Statement and to Background of Reading Done
Justification for Choosing This Area for Analysis
Organization of This Research Paper and Methodology
Limitations of This Paper
Description of the Two Sides' Efforts at Mobilization
Reasons for South's Failure to Organize Itself As well As the North

From the Paper:

"From the beginning, women's participation in the war efforts in the South were different from those of the North; if the North saw perceptible action in the formation of its association, the South was steeped more in rhetoric and emotional talk than effective actions. Paternalistic in its attitude, since it were men who mostly controlled slaves and women, the South, while on the one hand exhorting women to play a moral role in the war, curtailed their liberty on the other. Even if ordinary women wanted to take part in the war, they were prevented from it."

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