The Poor Use of Grammar Today Comparison Essay by scribbler

The Poor Use of Grammar Today
A comparative analysis of C. Larson's article, "Its Academic, or is it?" with P. O'Conner's "Like I Said, Don't Worry".
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Published on Apr 30, 2013 in Communication (Language and Speech) , English (General)

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The paper looks at how C. Larson in the article, "Its Academic, or is it?" and P. O'Conner in the article "Like I Said, Don't Worry" discuss the intricacies of grammar in today's world. The paper outlines how Larson discusses the confusion surrounding the words 'its' and "it's" with an apostrophe, and decries the general misuse of the apostrophe altogether. The paper then looks at how O'Conner points out the increased interest in the finer points of grammar, but shows how people don't care enough to take that philosophical discussion and actually implement it into their writing. The paper notes that both authors agree on one significant point; that society's proper use of grammar is slipping.

Its Versus It's
A New Found Interest in the Intricacies of Grammar
An Increased Interest Does Not Equal an Increased Usage

From the Paper:

"Larson's discussion begins with describing one of the shortest words in the English language that also has to be one of the most often misspelled. Its and it's are often confused in today's world. For some, it would seem fairly straightforward. The contraction 'it's' is the combination of the phrase 'it is'. The apostrophe replaces the letter i in is, in the contraction. The word 'its', in contrast, is a word that demonstrates possession.
"The primary confusion comes from so many of the other possessive words in the English language. Traditionally, when converting a noun to indicate possession an apostrophe-s is added to the end. For the possessive form of 'it' just an s is added, without the apostrophe. However, it's not just the its/it's confusion that worries and irritates Larson so much, but the general misuse of the apostrophe altogether.
"Larson provides numerous real world examples of how companies have misused the apostrophe. Marketing materials, billboards and signs have all been spotted, by Larson, with an apostrophe or two out of place. Even those who are supposed to be the gatekeepers of grammar, the editors of publishing houses, cannot seem to get the use of the apostrophe right. This willy-nilly use of the apostrophe is a clear indicator that the proper use of grammar, in the United States, is slipping."

Sample of Sources Used:

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  • O'Conner, P. Like I said, don't worry. Newsweek, 8 Dec. 1996. Web. 19 Oct. 2010.

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