"The Naked Ape" and Morris' View on Imprinting Comparison Essay by Quality Writers

"The Naked Ape" and Morris' View on Imprinting
A review of Desmond Morris' views on imprinting as discussed in "The Naked Ape" and a comparison of his views with those of L. Salk.
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Published on Jun 27, 2008 in English (Analysis) , Biology (General)

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This paper explores the third chapter of Desmond Morris', "The Naked Ape," as it relates to the development of human children. It discusses the content of the chapter under discussion and describes Morris' view on imprinting. The paper compares Morris' view with that of L. Salk and his strong case for imprinting. It concludes that these individuals are very similar, but their methods differ.

From the Paper:

"In the end, Desmond Morris relies heavily upon the work of Salk in the third chapter of his book. Instinctively, I am inclined to think that Morris is correct in dismissing left-handed cradling; I am also inclined to think that the matter is more complicated than he acknowledges - especially given the findings of later research. Fundamentally, I prefer Salk's findings to Morris' simple regurgitation of them; by engaging in original research, Salk gives his conclusions an authenticity that Morris does not. Furthermore, Morris' refusal to cite studies supporting the arguments of critics insisting that left-handed cradling is caused by "right-handedness" in society leaves the reader with the impression that he erected a "straw-man" so that his own argument would be strengthened."

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