The Macintosh vs. the PC: The Mac Wins Comparison Essay by scribbler

The Macintosh vs. the PC: The Mac Wins
A comparison of Apple's Macintosh with the personal computer (PC) in terms of operating systems, system security and cost.
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The paper compares the Macintosh with the PC to illustrate how the Mac comes out on top. The paper first looks at the cost of both computers and notes that while the Mac is definitely more expensive than PCs, it is of better value and worth the price. Next, the paper compares operating systems and relates that Apple's OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is better than Windows 7, but with XP, there are fewer big differences between the operating systems. The paper looks at the hardware in both Macs and PCs and finds them similar, but relates that Mac users stand less chance of being a victim of hackers and viruses. The paper also discusses the more limited selection of the Mac, and how in terms of service, the Mac is much more reliable and consistent than with any of its PC competition.

Background, Context, Thesis
Operating Systems

From the Paper:

"Mac is definitely more expensive than PCs. One can walk into nearly any electronics store and find a PC for under $1,000 (McCracken 2010). Some of them may fare well for one's needs. For the computers above $1,000, they will most likely be Macs (2010). If one just looks at the prices, it's easy to think that Mac is overpriced and that one is paying for cool colors and that eponymous symbol - an apple with a bite taken out of it. People put those stickers on their cars, on their skateboards - the apple has become a sign of coolness, the hip factor. However, Apple isn't trying to sell $750 notebooks for $1,500 (2010), Mac's portables are using higher-end processors, and have mostly aluminum cases instead of plastic ones (2010). Macs are also much thinner and lighter than most "garden-variety laptops" (2010) and they can run longer on a single battery charge than the garden-variety types as well. The Microsoft laptops that are comparable to the MacBook Pro line are HP's Envy Models - and they are actually priced higher than the Mac equivalents (2010). If one was to outfit the systems the same way, they would most likely cost about the same price (Intel 2011)."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Derene, G. "Mac vs. PC: The Ultimate Lab Test for New Desktops & Laptops." Popular Mechanics. 2011. Accessed on February 23, 2011: this article, PC and Mac desktops and laptops are pitted against each other to see which comes out on top. They have created a suite of tests to measure everyday tasks on both PC and Mac. Both PCs and Macs excelled in different areas.
  • Intel. "PC vs. Mac." Intel. 2011. Web. Accessed on February 23, 2011: article discusses the differences between Mac and PC in a piece-by-piece way. It discusses hardware, software, and gives a breakdown of each product. The article doesn't come to the conclusion that one is better than the other, it just states that they are different types of computers for different types of people.
  • McCracken, Harry. "PC vs. Mac: The Straight Scoop." Fox News. Accessed on February 23, 2011: scoop/McCracken's article compare the cost, selection, operating systems, security and service of Macs and PCs. He contends that both Macs and PCs are good computers. However, with Macs, one might pay a bit more, but that is because the customer is actually getting more.
  • Techzone. "Computer buying guide - PC vs Macintosh." Techzone. Illinois State University. Web. 2011. Accessed on February 23, 2011: article discusses the differences between Macs and PCs from past to present. It discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of both computers. It also gives some good information about the present state of both PC and Mac.

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