"The Goal" and "Lean Thinking" Comparison Essay by Writing Specialists

"The Goal" and "Lean Thinking"
A comparison of the books, "The Goal", by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox; and "Lean Thinking", by James Womack and Daniel Jones.
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The paper discusses how the entire system of product generation, production, and value maximization must be a holistic, seamless flow of value maximization. The writer proposes that these are the principles of "Lean Thinking", and these are the principles embodied in the tale of "The Goal". The paper further discusses how, if one were to break down the emphasis of the two books, "Lean Thinking" places a stronger stress on the values of the 7-C model, while "The Goal" gives equal stress to such systems, but provides a motivational text so that a manager can deploy the softer values of leadership, formulating a company style based upon a common commitment to eliminating waste, creating a sense of shared values, and improving a sense of community.

From the Paper:

"The Goal thus integrates the principles of supply chain management of Lean Thinking into a leadership framework, with a stress upon the processes that a manager can control, and using the plant owner Alex as a kind of 'everyman.' Womack and Jones focus on the corporation's overall strategy from creation of a product, to the pull of customer demand, and thus stress the actions a company plans in response to or anticipation of changes in its external environment. If one were to use the terminology of the 7-C model, one might say that Womak and Jones have a more holistic strategic focus, while Goldratt and Cox approach the problems of inefficiencies on a more personal, individual, and managerial level, by virtue of the approach of using the framework of an educational novel."

Sample of Sources Used:

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