The Federal Reserve and Bank Holding Companies Comparison Essay by Nicky

The Federal Reserve and Bank Holding Companies
Looks at the history of the development of the Federal Reserve System and how banking differs now from what it was before the development of the Federal Reserve System.
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Banking was very different before the Federal Reserve was created. Now, of course, there is a centralized banking system consisting of only twelve banks, but before, there was no centralized system to be found at all. This paper discusses the differences between now and then, creates an understanding of the many significant differences that were created by the Federal Reserve System, and looks at the minor role that the system plays in bank holding companies.

Table of Contents:
The Truth in Lending Law
The Federal Reserve Bank
Bank Holding Companies

From the Paper:

"Many consumers did not understand much about how banking and loans really worked, so they assumed that if the bank stated they needed to charge the consumer a higher rate, and then there was an honest reason for that. Many consumers were cheated out of a great deal of money because of this. It is similar to "bait and switch" ideas that stores used to use when they would say they had an item for a certain price and then when the consumer arrived in the store, the salesperson would say they were out of that item, but they had something comparable at a higher price that the customer could see."

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