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The Family and its Relation to Politics
A comparison of the views on family and politics expressed by John Locke in "Second Treatise of Government" and by Confucius in "The Analects."
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This paper discusses the family unit and its relationship with politics. It looks at John Locke's views, in his "Second Treatise of Government" of the place and nature of the family as a social unit in its contribution to what we today know as political science. It also looks at the viewed expressed in "The Analects" of Confucius. The paper compares and contrasts the two authors' views on family and politics.

Second Treatise of Government
The Analects and the Ideal Family
Reflection and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"As approaches to the family in relation to the greater forces of politic science and social order, both Locke and Confucius are intriguing to investigate, again, referring to the present, given that both began in reactions to observed and experienced political turbulence and situations of social disorder. For instance, what does it mean when conservative Americans and others proclaim the need for what are called Family Values, or why is it that members of non-Western societies so denounce what they perceive of Western individualism and non-existent family life? Put differently, what implications can be expected in societies to very much emphasis individualism, personal agency and competition, as part of how children are prepared for adult life? In the case of what is referred to as the Sinic World of cultures shaped by Chinese civilization, why might authoritarian governments of one kind or another be expected, or accepted?"

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