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The Alamo and America's Image of Itself
A comparison of the events that occurred at the Alamo with their portrayal in the movies named, "The Alamo" that were subsequently made.
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This paper discusses America's image of itself over the siege and slaughter at the Alamo, as portrayed in the movies named, "The Alamo." The paper compares the historical accounts of the events that occurred at the Alamo with the way that these events were portrayed in the movies. It also looks at the role that Davy Crockett played in the defense.

From the Paper:

"Finally, there is a lesson that America should learn from the Alamo. Desperate courage can carry men to feats far beyond what could reasonably be expected of them. This is not a trait exclusive to Americans. The defenders at the Alamo were hopelessly outnumbered, but fought with the savagery of men committed to their struggle. Although the Mexican army prevailed, the losses ran to some 1,600 men dead, including many of the finest soldiers. Although able to recruit some replacements during the campaign, the Mexican army was losing men, materials, and morale even as it managed its victories as it marched towards San Jacinto. In 2007 in Iraq, the United States faces a group of men fighting for their land, against a vastly technologically superior force of invaders. With their technology and firepower, the Americans can win every battle. Should we, like Santa Anna, feel entirely confident of final victory?"

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