Temptation and Exile in Genesis and The Odyssey Comparison Essay by Nicky

The paper compares the themes of temptation and exile in Genesis and The Odyssey as a means of determining the similarities between Middle Eastern and Greek societies of the time.
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The writer of this paper states that Genesis is a book about creation and condemnation, survival and death, families and spirituality, and the struggles of the Jewish people. He contends that, like the book of Genesis, the Odyssey contains themes of leadership, spirituality, and strength in times of trouble and that both the book of Genesis and the Odyssey suggest a great deal of interaction between the supernatural and humans. After briefly summing up the two books, he goes on to postulate that both books have many similarities. According to the writer, the two themes that stand out in both works are temptation and exile. By comparing these themes the papers author attempts to determine the similarities between ancient Greek and Middle Eastern, or Jewish, cultures.

From the Paper:

"In both the Odyssey and the book of Genesis, temptation is a reoccurring theme of much importance. In Genesis, probably the most famous instance of temptation is that of Adam and Eve. An important story in Judeo-Christian beliefs, the temptation of Adam and Eve suggests and explains the fallen nature of mankind. In other words, because Adam and Eve were unable to resist temptation, some who hold Judeo-Christian beliefs believe that each person is born with original sin. Others simply believe that this is why humans have trouble standing up to temptation today. In the story of Adam and Eve, Satan comes to Eve in the form of a serpent, requesting that she eat from the one special tree that God has forbidden. Satan tempts Eve with the promise of knowledge, as this tree is the tree that will open up humans' eyes to the things of God. Eve then tempts her husband, Adam, to take the fruit. Just as this is the story that is sued to describe mankind's fallen nature, it is also used to justify the subservient position of women by many cultures and those of different religious beliefs."

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