Structural Functionalism and Neo-Marxism Comparison Essay by chief

Structural Functionalism and Neo-Marxism
This paper compares and contrasts the primary basis for two main bodies of thought, according to modern sociological theory: structural functionalism and neo-Marxism. It then presents a critical analysis of their relevance to sociological thought.
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The paper also presents and discusses major variations within these approaches. Structural functionalism sees the social system as being made up of mutually dependent part. Neo-Marxist theory states that there are systemic biases that stem from conflict between two fixed classes that are endemic to capitalism.

From the Paper:

"In analyzing Neomarxist theories, it is most effective to see the many varieties as a continuum, beginning with Marx and his original concept, then tracing the way sociological theorists have built on these and each others theories. Marx developed a theory that contained a far-reaching worldview. Because his perspective was so broad, 1 Ritzer, p. 207 there is considerable opportunity for conflict and irreconcilable differences among the theorists who each claim to be the true inheritor of the Marxian tradition.3 "

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