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Racism in the United States and Europe
An analysis of racism in the United States and Europe and the legislation that is introduced in an effort to control it.
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This paper examines the similarities and differences between cultural racism in the United States and Europe. It discusses the strength of racism in both regions and the fact that in many cases it seems to be on the rise. The paper then looks at current efforts to control racism through legislation, but suggests that this will be ineffectual when there is a base cultural support for racisim.

From the Paper:

"With such vigilance and fervor against racism, one must ask why it not only persists but seems to be thriving in Europe. In the United States, First Amendment protections allow citizens to organize and talk about nearly anything they'd like, including racist ideology. Combined with tensions over immigration, fear of people of Middle Eastern descent, and a standing racism with African Americans, it is little wonder that the United States not only has a history of racism but also a strong culture of racism. In Europe, however, many believe that legal prohibitions against racism and hate speech should be enough to protect ethnic minorities from racism and create a more egalitarian society. Unfortunately, Europe's record on racism is no better than the United States' (Kudnani, 1998). Tensions over immigration, rising populism, and antagonism toward Jews and Arabs all feed into a healthy subculture of racism. The conclusion we must draw from this is that racism cannot be dealt with on a political or legal level, but must be examined on a cultural level. Racism is rooted in a desire to protect members of one's own culture from outside threats. That this desire to protect manifests as racism is an unfortunate result."

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