Presidents Hoover vs. Roosevelt Comparison Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Presidents Hoover vs. Roosevelt
A comparison of the way Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt dealt with the Great Depression.
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The paper explains that when the Great Depression struck the US, the general outlook was that President Hoover was helping private industries and the upper class, rather than providing assistance to those that were living on the streets without food or work. The paper further relates that Hoover had a terrible attitude toward war veterans which made him an enemy to the people. The paper then contrasts this to Roosevelt who set up governmental programs that would help the impoverished as well as war veterans. The paper shows how ultimately he was the better man in office, due to the trust he gained from the American people.

From the Paper:

"Republican Herbert Clark Hoover, was the United States 31st president, from the years of 1929-1933. He was the first of the two presidents during the Great Depression (, 2007). The time preceding the Great Depression was prosperous and joyful. Hoover has been a spearhead for what was known as the Progressive Era. This was a reform that began in the late 19th century, and went until the Great Depression struck. Those that lived by this reform were called Progressives, and sought out change in workers rights, civilian rights, and economic fairness. This began at the city government level, then eventually state, and then spread to national levels."

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