Political Race Relations Comparison Essay by Champ

Political Race Relations
This paper compares antebellum race political issues in the US with contemporary race political problems.
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This paper explains that race political issues, between pre-Civil War times in the US and now, have become even more exacerbated and divisive and have left the country even more splintered, with one group pitted against another. The author points out that one key difference between then and now is that the antebellum racial discordance focused mainly on "black versus white"; whereas, today there are more minority groups. The paper relates that the roots of the many lingering challenges African-Americans face today can be traced not only to the original wording of the United States Constitution but also to early, strictly enforced laws against literacy for slaves and to historical disagreements among leading black educators themselves.

From the Paper:

"In the 1850's, Justice Roger B. Taney of the United States Supreme Court, in his celebrated Dred Scott decision, argued that the foundation of the American state had not included the Negro as a participating element, or as beneficiary of its privileges . Justice Taney's argument was in essence overruled by the events of the Civil War itself; since then blacks have been considered, legally and morally at least, equal American citizens. However, educational equality for blacks, due in part, perhaps, to the subjective, often subtle, even unconscious nature of racial discrimination itself ..."

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