Political Influence of the Catholic Church Comparison Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Political Influence of the Catholic Church
A look at the political power of the Church in the past and today.
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The paper discusses the political power of the Church during the Middle Ages when it was rich in both money and influence and compares it to today and how the Church continues to exert power on Catholics, particularly on issues such as embryonic stem cell research and abortion. The paper also points out that religion in general is a powerful force within American politics. The paper therefore concludes that although the Church is no longer the dominating powerhouse it once was, a politician today must consider the impact of religious affiliation on his Catholic constituents if he hopes to succeed.

From the Paper:

"People who have lived their entire lives within a secular system under which respect for the separation of church and state is of constitutional concern often consider religion and politics to occupy two completely different spheres. Therefore, for many Americans, the concept of the Catholic Church or any other religious organization as a political power in today's world can be somewhat hard to grasp.
"Yet the political influence of the Church remains an important aspect of modern politics in America and throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Understanding the evolution of this situation requires both a look back at the past and a consideration of current circumstances."

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