Poetic Justice" "Inferno" and "Metamorphoses" Comparison Essay

Poetic Justice" "Inferno" and "Metamorphoses"
An analysis of poetic justice as the unifying concept in Dante's "Inferno" and Ovid's "Metamorphoses".
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This paper discusses how poetic justice in the cases of both "Inferno" and "Metamorphoses" is mostly ironic. It examines how the punishments given are greater in magnitude than the sins done and correspond to the cruelties done by those involved. The paper also discusses how although written in different times, these two literary works have common ground and how although different in the depiction of the gods, they meet up with the use of poetic justice. Both texts show that those who did good in their lives are awarded with honor and those who have done bad must be punished. It shows that even in the earlier times, there are laws to follow and men have had the tendency to find order.

From the Paper:

"The Inferno exposes human kind to the repulsive state of hell. It directs mankind to live a life that is directed towards God. Non-violation of God's laws leads to happiness for it equates to God's love. But of course, in real life, some men are still blinded by material wealth, power and the acts of the flesh. These kinds of men have places in hell waiting for them. Once, on earth, they lived a life of abundance but as they spend the rest of eternity in hell they suffer the consequences of their actions. The Christian life depicted in the Inferno is very rigid and any sin committed has a corresponding punishment in hell. The idea of poetic justice comes in as one reads through Dante and Virgil's journey through that forsaken place. Dante exhibits poetic justice through the ironic placements for those who need to be punished. "

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