Parenting Styles Reviewed Comparison Essay by Peter Pen

Parenting Styles Reviewed
A review of the effectiveness and possible damaging effects of various parenting styles.
# 106586 | 869 words | 5 sources | APA | 2008
Published on Aug 10, 2008 in Child, Youth Issues (Family Issues)

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The paper discusses how psychologists know what parenting practices are most effective and which are most likely to lead to positive outcomes for children. The paper reviews four different parenting styles, shows which method is most effective, and explains why the other methods should be avoided in order to avoid detrimental consequences to the child's future.

The Authoritarian Parent Style
The Permissive Parenting Style
The Uninvolved Parenting Style
The Authoritative Parenting Style
Reflections From My Childhood
My Personal Parenting Style and How I Put it into Practice

From the Paper:

"The uninvolved parent is low in both demandingness and responsiveness. In extreme cases, this parenting style might encompass both neglecting and rejecting parents, which could be very damaging to the child, although most parents of this type fall within the normal range (Baumrind, 1991).Children whose parents are uninvolved are uninvolved tend to perform poorly in most domains of social competency, academic performance, psychosocial development and problem behavior. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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