Official and Non-official Religions Comparison Essay by sheki

Official and Non-official Religions
This paper looks at differences and parallels between official and non-official religions.
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In this article, the writer looks first at Judaism, an official religion and studies its historical beginnings. The writer outlines its fundamental beliefs, rites and rituals and scriptures. The writer then takes a look at Rastafarianism, a non-official religion, and examines its beginnings, beliefs, rites and rituals and sacred writings. In addition, the main areas of the world where these religions were developed and are mainly practiced today are highlighted. In the end, the differences between these two religions are understood. The writer concludes that the parallels found between official and non-official religions prove that they have more in common than they appear.

From the Paper:

"After a long journey, which crossed the Red Sea, the Jews arrived in the area of Mount Sinai. Yahweh appeared again to Moses, and was given the Ten Commandments, or laws that the Jews must obey in order for the covenant to be fulfilled. In return for their obedience and sole worship of Yahweh, the Jews were promised land and a blessing. This event shaped Judaism forever. The idea of covenant is central to the Jewish belief system, and the laws given in the Commandments are still observed throughout the world by Jews today. This brief history of the Jewish faith, from its beginnings with Abraham through to the Exodus with Moses is important to understand before studying the beliefs, rites and rituals and the holy text of the Jews.
"The Jews believe in one God, meaning that they are monotheistic. Jews throughout the world believe in strong obedience in God as a means for eternal blessing and salvation. Jews worship in their holy house, the Synagogue and study their holy scripture, the Torah. "

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