Nursing and Education Theory Comparison Essay by Nicky

Nursing and Education Theory
Compares the theories of Jack Mezirow, Margaret Newman and Patricia Benner as applied to nursing students becoming registered nurses.
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This paper examines Jack Mezirow's transformation theory, Margaret Newman's theory of health as expanded consciousness and Patricia Benner's novice to expert theory as related to senior nursing students and new graduate nurses transforming into registered nurses. For each of these theories, the author describes, critiques, evaluates its application to new graduates nurses, identifies concepts to be included when educating nursing student and presents the inter-relationships of these theories. The paper concludes that these models are appropriate to nursing because each theory includes a change in the belief system or assumptions of the adult learner and a replacement of currently held beliefs with new updated and more accurate beliefs. The paper includes a table and figures.

Table of Contents:
Transformation Theory of Jack Mezirow
Margaret Newman
Patricia Benner
Comparison of the Theories of Mezirow, Benner and Newman

From the Paper:

"Mezirow's 'Transformation Theory' is applicable to adult learning theory and is a theory that explains the process of how adults develop experiential learning and is one in which the learner gains an awareness of their own assumptions, which they may not have had an awareness of before. As well, the learner becomes aware of the assumptions of others in order to examine these beliefs and then to update the beliefs with new knowledge or ultimately may reject the previously held beliefs altogether based upon the acquisition of new or more relevant knowledge."

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