Nigerian Christians and Muslims Comparison Essay by jlatigue

Nigerian Christians and Muslims
Looks at the religious values of the warring Christian and Muslim ethnic groups in Nigeria.
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This paper first explains that for decades the fighting between Christian tribes and Muslim tribes has resulted in continued violence in Nigeria because these ethnic groups have not tried to understand just how similar their religious values are. Next, the author reviews these similarities and differences especially in the areas of conformity, social perception and social cognition. This paper stresses that each religion needs to begin actually practicing the tolerance that it preaches and to welcome both the similarities and differences of the other faith.

Table of Contents:
Similarities and Differences
Concept of Conformity
Social Perception and Social Cognition

From the Paper:

"In Nigeria, the country is so divided between Christian and Muslim beliefs, and has been for such a long time, that generations have followed in the footsteps of the violence started by their ancestors. Children growing up in Christian or Muslim homes have also grown up watching decades of violence between the cultures, with each side believing that their own way is right. When impressionable children are brought up watching this kind of behavior over and over again, both their perception and cognition is skewed to make them belief that the only relationship between their religious beliefs is that of violence. In keeping with the idea of children picking up on the violence that their ancestors set for them, in 2007 there was a Christian teachers beaten to death and burned by her Muslim students because they believed that she was disrespectful to their religious books. In addition to the reportedly gruesome killing of the teacher, the children also went on to destroy other classrooms and buildings associated with the school in their anger. Without the path being laid down for them to act out in anger and violence in such a situation, children would not assume that it was okay to behave in such a way and commit such atrocities."

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