Native-American and Chinese Culture Comparison Essay by Peter Pen

Native-American and Chinese Culture
A comparison of Native American and Chinese culture.
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This paper presents a comparison and contrast of the Native American culture with the Chinese culture. The paper claims that there are several similarities. "Native American" and "Chinese" are all-encompassing descriptive terms of the many different tribes and dynasties of each culture. Both cultures have rich, meaningful customs that are still passed on today, unlike many ethnic groups that have lost some of their culture due to the changing times. The paper contends that Chinese and Native Americans still believe in their own form of mythology. The paper discusses the social, political, and economical aspects of these two cultures.

I. Introduction
a. Two Richly Historic Societies
II. Social
a. Native-American Creation
b. Birth of Chinese Culture
c. Compare and Contrast
III. Political
a. Native-American Politics
b. Chinese Political Systems
c. Compare and Contrast
IV. Economic
a. Early Native-American Economy
b. The Start of Chinese Economics
c. Compare and Contrast
V. Conclusion

From the Paper:

"Throughout their history, Native-Americans have been historic people of change. Food discovered and domesticated by Native-Americans would transform the diet of the incoming settlers and not just the offering that has been made famous as the "First Thanksgiving." Native-Americans also made many important contributions to modern medicine, art, architecture, and ecology. It is not widely taught but during the thousands of years preceding European contact, the Native-American people developed ingenious and creative cultures. They harvested plants for food, dyes, medicines, and textiles. They hunted and domesticated animals. They also established extensive patterns of trade which helped them build cities, "produce monumental architecture, developed intricate systems of religious beliefs; and constructed a wide variety of systems of social and political organization ranging from kin-based bands and tribes to city-states and confederations" (Mintz, 2003)."

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