Multiculturalism and the Canadian Documentary Comparison Essay by hicaliber

Multiculturalism and the Canadian Documentary
This paper discusses the issue of multiculturalism in Canadian film.
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In this article, the writer points out that Canadian documentary directors have used the genre to effectively illustrate facets of multiculturalism and style that would be lost in the non-documentary film-making world. The writer discusses and compares three films in this paper. The writer describes that Simcha Jacobovici and Roger Pyke present a striking memorandum that illustrates the pain and struggle of religious persecution in the film 'Expulsion & Memory: Descendants of the Hidden Jews'. Similarly, the writer looks at Alanis Obomsawin's 'Richard Cardinal: Cry from the Diary of a Metis Child'. The writer also discusses 'Shooting Indians: A Journey with Jeffery Thomas' by Ali Kazimi that quietly illustrates one man's struggle to change the stereotypical image of Native cultures and people in North America, while also reflecting on the relationship of culture as the director shares his cultural background. The writer concludes that through different uses of the documentary genre, all three films effectively use the factual background to establish strong views of multicultural identity.

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