Marketing and Advertising in Brazil Comparison Essay by Nicky

Marketing and Advertising in Brazil
A discussion on marketing and advertising considerations in Brazil as compared to the United States.
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The paper begins by explaining that the United States is a low-context culture, where a clear message rather than an emotional 'feeling' is communicated by an advertisement. The paper contrasts this to a high-context culture like Brazil, where nuance in relationships and meanings must be carefully observed when constructing advertisements. The paper then focuses on the role of family and children in Brazil and the common social dynamics and lifestyle patterns such as a great love of music, the tendency to stay up later, have dinner later, and to put less physical space between one another. The paper further notes that sexuality and female beauty is often used to sell items in Brazil, in a way that might be considered politically incorrect in the United States.

From the Paper:

"While the world is growing increasingly homogeneous, there are still considerable cultural differences between the different nations of the world, particularly low-context largely European cultures such as the United States, and high-context Latin American cultures such as Brazil. While America is growing more affected by Latino culture and immigration, and Brazil is becoming more integrated into the global economic community, marketing and advertising to both nations still plays upon deeply cherished notions of happiness and family that are often less swift to alter than the rapidly transforming exterior trappings of culture."

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