Love and Marriage in Asian and Western Cultures Comparison Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Love and Marriage in Asian and Western Cultures
A comparison of the concepts of love and marriage in Western cultures and Asian cultures and how they have changed over time.
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This paper compares and contrasts the concept of love between Asian culture and Western culture. It discusses love and marriage in Western culture and how these concepts have changed over time. It also discusses marriage in Western religions. The paper then discusses the concept of marriage in Asian cultures and society and how it has changed over time.

From the Paper:

"To put Giddens' ideas regarding the institution of marriage into layman's terms, it can be compared to that of an at-will employer. When a person goes to work for such an organization, they are able to quit without giving any notice and, likewise, the company is able to terminate them at any time. The "pure relationship" works in the same sense. The husband or wife may exit at any time aided by legislature with no-fault divorce. There are many reasons why either one of them would want to terminate the agreement but, for the most part, it is because of a more appealing alternative."

Sample of Sources Used:

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