Liberal and Conservative Views on All Things Sex Comparison Essay by Nicky

Liberal and Conservative Views on All Things Sex
A presentation of the opposing views of sexuality held by liberals and conservatives in America.
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This paper discusses the differences between the way conservatives and liberals perceive sexuality in the United States. The terms Republican and Democrat are used, with certain reservations, interchangably with conservative and liberal. The paper presents both viewpoints on the topics of pornography, homosexuality, prostitution, teen pregnancy and sex education.

From the Paper:

"It is no secret that the liberals and conservatives of the world do not see eye to eye on many issues. Among the most contentious of the issues at stake, especially in the latter half of the twentieth century and into the modern era are issues relating to sexual practices and sexuality in general. Every culture has rules regulating what is and is not acceptable sexual behavior, and our country has been going through what appears to be an increasingly polarize disagreement about how this culture views sexuality. On one side are the liberals, who basically view human sexuality and its expression as a natural thing requiring very few protections, and these are mostly for minors. Conservatives would have far stricter regulations on many things than currently exist, believing first that sexuality is directly related to a universal human morality, and second that it is the duty of the government to protect that morality.
"Similar fights are taking place in many countries around the globe, often with more drastic consequences than we face here. Yet this does not make the issue any less important on the home front. Here, the debate over sexual rights and liberties is mainly waged by the Democrats on the liberal side and the Republicans on the other. These labels are in actuality rather imprecise, and ignore large portions of both political parties and both political views--not to mention many other parties and views that cannot be painted with such broad brush strokes--but the groups often label themselves and the others in this fashion, not altogether inaccurate."

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