Law, Democracy, Government Policy and Employee Behavior Comparison Essay by scribbler

A discussion and comparison of the terms law, democracy, government policy and employee behavior.
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Published on Jan 30, 2013 in Law (General) , Political Science (General)

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The paper defines the terms law, democracy, government policy and employee behavior and explains how these values both relate to each other and have conflict between them. The paper also discusses how as much as the four values are very crucial and should always be upheld, this may not be practical as conflict is bound to arise. The paper concludes that when trying to enforce these values, the target should be attaining criminal justice which aims at keeping society intact, and controlling and preventing crime through various means such as imposing punishments.

How these Values Relate
Conflicts between these Values

From the Paper:

"The term democracy has been used and is still being is used in many spheres of life and has been closely associated to freedom, but the common use is in governments and authorities. This term is a Greek derivative from a combination of the words demos and kratein which mean 'people', and 'to govern' respectively. Therefore, the literal translation of the term democracy is 'Government of the majority/people', in democracy the government is considered to originate from the people, run by the people, and fulfills the interest of the very people. This means that whenever any system is described as democratic then it simply means that the people who belong to that system are the ones owning it and not a few individuals.
"The next term is Government policy which can be understood well when the term policy has been understood. Policy is almost a synonym to the word decisions or a set of decisions since the making, and implementation of a policy is very similar to that of decisions. Most commonly a policy is not in a form of a statement but the policy of an individual or an organization can be derived from the kind of statements that are made. Viewed in a different perspective, a policy is not similar to a decision but refers to a long-term purpose in a wide subject. With regard to these considerations a policy can then be referred to as set of decisions meant for a specific problem or a long-term intention. Within the context of governments, governments do have policies which may be geared towards development activities and are mostly executive not legislative in nature. Thus government policy is a set of decisions made by the government in order to solve a particular problem or drive a long-term purpose."

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