Japan and Japanese-Americans Comparison Essay by Nicky

Japan and Japanese-Americans
Looks at the inability to understand the differences between the cultures of Japan and the United States, which have resulted in stereotypes.
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This paper compares the high-context communication patterns of Japan and most other Asiatic nations to the low-context communication style of the United States, which can lead to misunderstandings. The paper specifically discuses the stereotyping of Japanese-Americans, which ranges from their being interned during World War II to the 'model minority' myth. The paper also relates the way that Japanese and Japanese-American feminists have been fighting against the 'geisha' stereotype to achieve equality in their societies.

From the Paper:

"Japanese-Americans have also often in recent years been the subject of another kind of stereotype, in contrast to the World War II 'yellow horde' attribution, particularly after the nation's great success economically in the 1980s. The adaptation of many Japanese business practices by American companies wishing to be competitive, and the highly-publicized (although somewhat misrepresented) rigor of the Japanese school system lead to the 'model minority' myth circulated in the United States."

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