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Islam and Christianity
This paper examines the differences and similarities in both the Islamic and Christian religions.
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This paper focuses on Christianity and Islam, which are among the major religions of the world, serving primary populations in specific areas of the world. The writer of the well-researched paper contends and explains why both of these religions differ in terms of beliefs even though they are related in some ways. This paper examines the manner in which the Catholic Church emerged as the major unifying power throughout Europe once the Roman Empire collapsed. Christianity and Judaism derive from the same roots and then diverge with the issue of the life and meaning of Christ. This paper explores how and why societies in Europe were shaped by political actions taken by Christian leaders, like Charlemagne, who established borders and a military presence along the borders, offered lands to support the Church and uses Church structures to provide a bureaucratic infrastructure. The writer contends that the Bible is made up of a number of books written by different people at different times and then gathered together later. This paper details the birth of Islam, which began with Muhammad, which is embodied in the Quran. The writer discusses the significance of the Quran as the chief foundation of Islam, which stands as the highest authority on doctrine, ethics and customs. This paper also examines the Five Pillars of Faith which constitute the practical duties of the Muslim follower. This paper discusses the various differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity. One of the key issues Christians have had regarding the Quran is the fact that the Islamic book accepts Christ as a prophet while denying his status as the leader of the Christian people. This paper examines the issue of salvation in both religions. Islam has a conception of salvation similar to that of Christianity in that there will be a final day when those who are saved are recalled. This paper also discusses the recent tensions between followers of Christianity and Islam, largely due to their conflicting opinions and views regarding Israel and the existence of Judaism.

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"The Old Testament also touches on the history of the people of Israel and so represents the development of a community, but as a history this raises difficulties. The historical antecedents to the stories in the early section of Exodus, for instance, create problems for analysts and historians. The first reason for this derives from the fact that the stories have come down through a long process of oral and written tradition and have been shaped to confess faith in God. The beginning of Exodus also links directly with the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph as if there were a unified sense of nationhood for Israel which in fact did not then exist. The passages present an oversimplified picture of the history of Israel extending back into the ancestral period. A second reason why the story of Exodus offers difficulty for those trying a historical assessment developed from the fact that the only source for our knowledge of the ancestors of Israel comes from the biblical story itself, and this was written in a time far removed from the events."

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