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Integrationism and African-American Nationalism
This paper compares the difference between the political ideas of integrationism and African-American nationalism during the Civil Rights era in the US.
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This paper explains that both the integrationists and the African-American nationalists were stirred to action by the racism directed against African Americans in the US. The author describes that, while the integrationists favored non-violence, the African-American nationalists were prepared to use violence. The paper further relates that integrationists would work with whites; whereas, the African-American nationalists would not. Additionally, the author relates that the integrationists wanted a future of living harmoniously with whites even as the African-American nationalists wanted a future of living separately and making their race strong, proud and independent. The paper concludes that neither group achieved its aims because the US remains deeply troubled by racism today.

From the Paper:

"Another important different between the two groups was the goal they aimed for. It was not as simple as wanting to end oppression, racism and discrimination. Both sides were working towards their own vision of the future. The integrationists wanted an integrated future in which both races would live side by side in peace. This was expressed in the speech given by the most well-known integrationist,Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His most famous speech sums up his dream of an integrated future, in which all races live together in harmony."

Sample of Sources Used:

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