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Integrationism and African-American Nationalism
This paper contrasts the political ideas of integrationism and African-American nationalism during the Civil Rights era.
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This paper explains that, during the black civil rights movement, some leaders favored integrationism, which meant that these activists were willing to work with sympathetic whites to achieve their goal of civil rights. The paper points out that other leaders favored African-American nationalism, which meant the opposite of integrationism. The paper relates that, during the first ten years, the movement was mainly integrationist, as modeled by Martin Luther King Jr. King, who favored using non-violent methods, such as sit-ins, to oppose discrimination. The author continues that, by around 1966, the Black Power movement with activists, such as Malcolm X, who favored black self-determination, was growing. The paper states that the African-American nationalism has been accused of being in favor of black supremacy.

From the Paper:

"There is a sad but interesting common factor that is shared by the integrationist movement and African American Nationalism. Although integrationism was much more moderate than African American Nationalism, both were threatening enough to some people in the USA that the most prominent leaders of both movements were assassinated. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee; while Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965, at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem."

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