Hinduism and Christianity - A Comparison Comparison Essay by Thukydides

Hinduism and Christianity - A Comparison
A look at the relationship between the teachings of Christianity and Hinduism.
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This paper compares and contrasts the basic religious dogma of Christianity and Hinduism. First, the paper presents an overview of the basic tenets of Hinduism. It includes a discussion on Hinduism's concept of morality, spirituality and the origins of the universe. Then the paper explores Christianity and its views on spirituality and other religious concepts. Next, the paper points out the various similarities and differences between the two religions. In particular, the paper notes that Christian morality is rather rigid and well-defined while Hinduism lacks a formal collection of universal moral prescriptions. Christianity is built around them. The paper concludes by stating that while Hinduism is anthropocentric, Christianity is clearly theocentric.

From the Paper:

"The orthodox Hindu answer on the question of origin of the Universe and human beings in it is rather complex, as there are several versions of Creation concept in this religion. For instance, Khand (2011) notes that, according to a sacrificial myth presented in the Vedas, the Universe and ultimately humans have come into being through a sacrifice of 'cosmic man', Purusha, by the gods. The elder gods cut Purusha into pieces and made out of the quarter of his flesh that was manifested in their realm the main points of the Universe, animals and humans. The four orders of the ancient Hindu/Brahmanic society were also allegedly born from Purusha's body (Khand, 2011, p.203).
"The problem of identity in Hinduism is solved not through the common adherence to a rigid set of religious rules - there is none in this religion, but via the following of the behavioral norms prescribed by the Vedas and Manu Laws. Unlike the proselytizing Abrahamic religions, Hinduism has never been spread by the means of conversion; it is possibly to be born as a Hindu, but not to become one through any formal conversion. There are no specific rites of allegiance to a community of believers for individuals born in Hindu families."

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