Heroic Characteristics of Moses and Achilles Comparison Essay

Heroic Characteristics of Moses and Achilles
This paper examines the heroic personalities of biblical Moses and Achilles of "The Iliad".
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This paper compares the heroic traits and flaws of Moses and Achilles of "The Iliad". The author discusses the patterns of a heroic figure, how he possesses an immense sense of honor, and powers superior to those of ordinary men and displays them courageously, at the risk of his own life but to the advantage of others. The paper also examines the hero?s suffering and death.

From the Paper:

"The hero was believed to perform his extraordinary deeds because one of his parents had been a god or goddess, or he had been infused in infancy with a special or divine grace. Achilles was practically invulnerable as a fighter. His mother, Thetis, a goddess, dipped him in the Styx River , making him immortal everywhere except the heel. Heroes may be abandoned at birth. When Moses was born, he was hidden for three months and then cast onto a river, where Pharaoh's daughter found him. God arranged for Moses to be raised and educated as a son of Pharaoh's daughter. Legends say that Moses could speak as soon as he was born. It is also said that he attained full stature within a few days. The hero's physical development is often portrayed as being extraordinary."

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