Hegel and Marx Comparison Essay by Peter Pen

Hegel and Marx
This paper compares the philosophies of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx.
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This paper explains that Karl Marx is considered in modern philosophy to be a left-wing Hegelian. The author points out that Marx disagreed with Hegel regarding the idea that the driving force in history is centered on man's intellectual prowess or spiritual need for connectivity. The paper relates that the fundamental disagreement between Hegel and Marx focused on God and property. The author underscores that Hegel believed God was at the center of theology but Marx totally replaced God's presence in society with the concept of the power of private property. The paper concludes that to say that Hegel did not believe in private property and Marx did is erroneous because Hegel also believed that private property was a means to satisfy man's needs: They simply differed on the use of such property.

Table of Contents:
Hegel's Theory
Agreements and Disagreements
Present Day Scholars

From the Paper:

"Reality is a contradictory and changeable force. It is with dialectical logic reality is understood for its dynamics involving what is going to be developed. Neither philosopher is a believer of Machiavelli whose writings centered around the way in which history teaches. Hegel and Marx believed that history does not really recur since the motivation of man changes. Human beings are a species that permits higher levels of consciousness and actualization. It is in this school of thought that history is believed to hold progress. Conflict of any kind is a part of progress."

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