Female Protagonists in Patriarchal Societies Comparison Essay by write123

Female Protagonists in Patriarchal Societies
This paper compares the three female protagonists in the novels, "Eveline," by James Joyce, "The Yellow Wallpaper," by Charlette Perkins Gilman and "The Storm," by Kate Chopin.
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This paper analyses three stories - "Eveline", "The Yellow Wallpaper" and "The Storm", which offer three different types of central female characters. Nonetheless, the three characters have several important common features. The paper states that all three of their stories take place in the same period of time, i.e. late 19th century and early 20th century. This was a time of constraint and hardships for women, who were subjected to the will of their husbands or fathers, and regarded as inferior citizens whose activity outside the home was severely limited. Also, these three women are faced with key events which will alter the course of their lives. And finally, the paper asserts that perhaps the most important aspect they share is their willingness, at least up to a certain point, to challenge social norms and conventions. Moreover, the three protagonists could be seen as three instances of courage and rebellion in patriarchal, conformist societies.

From the Paper:

"The protagonist is very creative; she loves her husband but also loves her freedom and the connections with the world outside of her home. She does not refuse to fulfill her domestic duties, but wants to be able to express herself creatively as well. Suffering from post partum depression, the protagonist relies precisely on her creative power in order to heal, but her husband, who is also her doctor, prescribes her exactly the opposite, meaning total mental inactivity. This impossibility of self-expression leads her into a world of fantasy that would eventually lead to madness. The fixation with the yellow wallpaper covering the walls of her room soon becomes her escape, a door into a world she imagines, with a woman hiding behind it- a projection of self. Her insanity is a direct result of the fact that she is not allowed to be in control of her mind and emotions; she is ordered to heal according to someone else's perception of life and what is normal. Her condition as a woman in society keeps her from living the life she longs for and from fulfilling her needs as a writer; she is confined to her role as society envisions it, i.e. of wife and mother, trapped in the domestic universe."

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